Even if you already think you negotiate quite well, you can be even better! You can learn how to make your effectiveness double!

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„Never will you make money as fast as during negotiations” – Roger Dawson

Take control during every negotiation. Show your confidence, stop manipulation, and be assertive.

Ready to conquer the art of negotiation? My exclusive Masterclass program “Become an Effective Negotiator” is the key to unlocking your negotiation potential. Prepare to achieve success in every business conversation through comprehensive training.


Who is this MASTERCLASS for?

  • you are ready for changes and not afraid of negotiating large amounts and contracts
  • you want to increase your earnings and the profit of the company you work for or own
  • you feel that you can increase your confidence in business contacts
  • you want to learn negotiation tricks that will give you an advantage in every negotiation
  • you feel that compromise is only a partial solution you dream of developing your professional career, gaining bonuses through effective negotiations
  • you want to catch business manipulations and stop them at every stage
  • you feel you need to work on assertiveness and setting boundaries
  • you want to learn how to negotiate “with monsters”
  • you want to learn the most effective negotiation techniques and adapt them to specific situations
  • you know that the language of persuasion and influence is crucial in negotiations
  • you want to learn how to negotiate with different personality types, including dominators
  • you are ready to learn effective negotiation patterns used by negotiators outside our country
  • you want to negotiate with business partners with whom you have very good relationships, as well as those you do not know


What does the MASTERCLASS look like?

The entire process lasts 8 hours (4 meetings of 2 hours each). We meet on the ZOOM platform.

What do we do during the two-hour meetings?

  • I provide you with knowledge based on my experience, case studies of mine, my clients, and dozens of companies I have worked with or am currently working with you participate in a short simulation session tailored to the topics discussed
  • group discussion
  • last hour – I answer your questions, Q&A session

Between meetings, you will receive multimedia materials from me to work through, which will help you in subsequent meetings.

The meetings will be recorded, so if you cannot be there live, you will receive a link to the recordings from each MASTERCLASS




  • How to prepare for EVERY negotiation? – I give you points that are ALMOST ALWAYS overlooked and lead to many mistakes and lost negotiations
  • How to build negotiating power and double your confidence?
  • How to create negotiation plans?



  • What negotiation techniques are most effective in different situations?
  • How to assess your negotiating strength and the strength of your partner?
  • How to predict contentious points and monitor concessions during negotiations?
  • What is tactical empathy in negotiations and how to use it (techniques used by the FBI)
  • What is the language of persuasion and influence and how to use it in negotiations?



  • How to negotiate with “monsters” and dominators?
  • How to choose the right negotiation style for the personality of the business partner? How to recognize personality if we do not know the person? – effective techniques for capturing personality traits within the first few minutes of a meeting
  • How to recognize manipulation in negotiations and how to stop it?
  • How to be assertive?



  • How to deal with objections during negotiations?
  • What to do when there is an impasse in negotiations?
  • How to build negotiation scenarios and strategies?
  • Q&A session


Why can you trust me?

Since 2008, I have been active in international business. I have always been a confident person who focused on action. I managed a team in an international company, negotiated cooperation with partners from around the world, and supervised international projects. As it turned out, these innate predispositions support my actions because I am a Deal Maker, which means, according to Talent Dynamics, a born negotiator. Meanwhile, according to Gallup tests, the first two talents are: Achieving and Focus, which allow me to fully focus on each task to achieve success. Currently, I actively cooperate with companies such as EY Academy of Business, Kopalnia Biznesu, and the Foundation for Entrepreneurship. I am also a university lecturer.


MASTERCLASS meeting dates:


11 JAN 2024, THU.

6:00 PM–8:00 PM



16 JAN 2024, TUE.

6:00 PM–8:00 PM



22 JAN 2024, MON.

6:00 PM–8:00 PM



25 JAN 2024, THU.

6:00 PM–8:00 PM





Price of MASTERCLASS (meetings, recordings + materials) 1970 PLN gross (including 23% VAT). If you need an invoice for the company, enter your VAT number in the order comments.