Video: How to negotiate a salary increase?

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How to navigate a conversation about negotiating a salary increase? This is a question worth asking yourself at various stages of your professional development. There may be many answers, and there are also various paths to choose from. Regardless of which path you choose, it’s worth doing it professionally and with full awareness of the next steps.


Before you is probably THE MOST CRUCIAL VIDEO you will see about your career — “How to negotiate a salary increase?” If you’re wondering if you can have a real impact on your earnings, how to steer the conversation to get a raise, or maybe you already know how high you want to go and you’re also short on time – watch the recording and join the group of my clients who have benefited from the developed scheme to achieve satisfactory salaries!


What specifically will you learn after watching this video:

How to prepare for a salary negotiation conversation?

How to determine your plan B?

How to precisely guide the conversation? – ready-made, developed scheme.

How to behave and what to say to not burn bridges?

What to do to not let stress eat you up?

What NOT to do, which is commonly practiced?


Who should watch this VIDEO?

If you are a working person or looking for a job, this recording is for you. If you are an entrepreneur, it will be a great addition to your reflections and strategic decisions regarding team building.

Analyze: with the knowledge from this video, you can change your job for a better paying one, or you can get a raise of 500 PLN (or both at the same time). Then you will have an additional 6000 PLN (500 PLN x 12) in your account annually. What if you negotiate even more?

You will admit that this is a fantastic vision! This could be a milestone in managing your finances. Perhaps without stress, you will carry out the renovation of your apartment that you’ve been postponing or purchase a new car? But above all, you will achieve your goal, and that feeling is priceless and leads to building self-confidence.


Just spend about an hour on this video and consciously plan your salary increase conversation.

Under the VIDEO, you will receive a link to download the presentation with key steps and the discussed conversation scheme to make it even easier for you to prepare for such an important meeting.

My name is Emilia Sędziak, and I am a negotiator and business consultant. Since 2008, I have been operating in international business, as a corporate employee, I created SSC (Shared Service Center), built new teams, and managed a 20-person team. Since 2019, I have been running my own company and supporting Polish entrepreneurs in negotiations both in our country and abroad. I also conduct a series of business training sessions and I am a lecturer in business subjects in English.

Duration: 53 minutes

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