5 mistakes in negotiations

I want to share with you my insights on negotiations that I’ve gathered during my rich journey through the world of business and interpersonal relationships.

Discover the 5 most common mistakes made during negotiations. Recently, I immersed myself in the topic of “5 mistakes in negotiations” and decided to share my thoughts with you. Keep reading to uncover how to avoid these pitfalls and achieve success in negotiations!

1. Lack of clear goals

Every negotiation starts with clearly defined goals. Have you ever wondered how the lack of clarity in this area affects the course of negotiations?

2. Sole focus on price negotiation

It’s worth looking at the bigger picture. I’ll share my experiences with you, showing why it’s important to consider other key elements to make negotiations satisfying for both parties.

3. Lack of assertiveness

Negotiations require confidence but also respect for the other party. I’ll show you how to find the golden mean between decisiveness and flexibility to make negotiations effective and build lasting relationships. Even if you negotiate with someone you know personally!

4. Lack of scenario planning

Preparation is the key to success. Together, we’ll discover how creating different scenarios before negotiations makes us more confident, flexible, and ready for various situations.

5. Lack of a plan b

Rarely does everything go according to plan in life. That’s why it’s important to have a plan B. I’ll share with you why this key approach helps to stay calm and effectively deal with unexpected challenges.

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