Emilia Sędziak

My name is Emilia Sędziak, and I am a negotiator and business consultant.
I love working in the international market — comparing, checking, and learning from companies from other countries. My dream is for Polish companies to be 100% competitive. I know that with our hard work and quality, we can achieve a lot, but sometimes we lack negotiation, business, and language skills. My mission is to accompany and support the development of Polish businesses on this path. There is no greater success than signing contracts worth millions of euros and having satisfied customers.
I have always been a confident person and one who takes action. I managed a team in an international company, negotiated cooperation with partners from all over the world, and supervised entire projects. As it turned out, these innate predispositions support my actions because I am a Deal Maker, according to Talent Dynamics, a born negotiator. Moreover, from Gallup tests, my two primary talents are Achievement and Focus, which allow me to fully focus on each task to achieve success.
A few facts:
Since 2008, I have been active in international business:
  1. In the local company, I was responsible for the entire flow of goods, starting from negotiating price conditions with foreign suppliers, handling logistics, and sales within Poland.
  2. In the international corporation, I established the Shared Service Center (SSC).
  3. I centralized and optimized business processes in European units.
  4. I managed a team of 20 people.
  5. I acted as a key user of applications and systems.
  6. I participated in international projects and training sessions.

Since 2019, I have been the owner of a company where:

  1. I conduct business negotiations on both international and local levels.
  2. I provide training in negotiation, communication, team management, and business process centralization.
  3. I teach courses in Foreign Languages in Media and Business. I instruct on Practical Customer Service in Foreign Languages and Cultural Differences.
  4. I have authored e-books on international communication and developed an online course on International Recruitment.
  5. I have completed training programs such as the Leadership Academy, Leading Changes, Green & Black Belt.
  6. I hold the title of Master Business Teacher and have completed the Master Business Training program under Kamila Rowińska.
  7. I have a Certificate in Business Process Management and Modeling.
  8. Since March 2021, I have been the Director of Project Coordination at the Entrepreneurship Project Institute.
  9. I have been a keynote speaker at conferences such as the PWSZ Konin Conference on Competencies in International Business and the KNRO Business Women Conference on “Last Minute to Success, Business English as a Key to International Communication and a Gateway to a Career.”
  10. I have written articles for magazines such as “Business Woman & Life,” “Warto Znać Biznes,” and “Founders.”
  11. I co-authored a textbook for students titled “Foreign Languages in Media and Business.”
  12. I have been awarded the “Leader Among Business Trainers” award.
Successes of my clients include:
  1. Negotiating a contract with a transportation company resulting in annual savings of 8000 PLN.
  2. Assisting in terminating a lease agreement in a shopping gallery without incurring contractual penalties.
  3. Securing an additional 5% discount during renegotiation of trade contract terms.
  4. Establishing a contract with an additional supplier (back up), ensuring supply continuity during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  5. Monthly savings of 3000 PLN on office space rent.
  6. Entry into the Spanish and French packaging industry markets.
  7. Reduction of rental rates by 50% and 70% for premises in Scotland.

I could tell you that what matters to me is your company’s profit, that my services are the best, and that I have numerous certifications and successes. However, what is most important is people. Your business is for people, people lead your company, and people negotiate and converse. Therefore, it is crucial to learn the basics in a given field – negotiation or recruitment – and then not be afraid to talk, as it is the foundation of communication and successful cooperation.

I am happy to help you and your employees learn this or do it for you as a “Negotiator for Hire.”