Test — What kind of negotiator are you?



Discover your individual negotiation style!

Have you ever wondered about your tendencies in negotiation behaviors?

Do you know what strategies you employ in conflict versus when negotiations go smoothly?

Can you utilize your patterns for conducting negotiations?

Do you know when you “switch” from one strategy to another and what triggers this change?


Now you have the opportunity to find out, thanks to this unique test that will help you better understand yourself!

The test will determine whether you negotiate by avoiding conflict, adapting to the other party, collaborating, or competing.

Not only will you receive a summary of points, but also an individual analysis of the relationships between them.

This will help you understand your strengths and weaknesses and how you can leverage your negotiation strategies to your advantage.


How does the purchase process work?

After purchasing, you will receive a link to download the test in PDF format.

Complete the test and send the results to the email: [email protected] In the feedback, you will receive an email with the date of an online consultation on ZOOM, during which we will discuss all aspects of your negotiation style.

During the consultation, I will also show you ways to increase negotiation awareness and effectiveness based on your individual results.


Consultation time: 1 hour


Don’t wait!

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to better understand yourself and improve your negotiation skills.

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