Marta Rodzik

Journalist, PR Specialist

A great personality with vast knowledge that lasts for years. Thanks to her professional approach, my negotiations have reached a higher level. Her courses and workshops are reasonably priced, and believe me, when investing in various markets, investing in the knowledge provided by Ms. Emilia Sędziak is worthwhile.

Weronika Wełnowska

Contract Analyst

I had the opportunity to participate in fantastic workshops with Emilia, full of practicality and inspiration for further action. We discussed issues of negotiation and international communication. I highly recommend it to everyone.

Barbara Klag

Plant Director/Vice President of the Board at Sądecka Grupa Producentów Owoców i Warzyw "Owoc Łącki" Sp. z o.o.

Working with Emilia was a pleasure. Her immense professional experience, especially in negotiation, and commitment resulted in phenomenal outcomes. Her positive attitude and smile added even more enthusiasm to work. Her valuable advice and guidance are now beneficial in my professional life. I recommend everyone to collaborate with Emilia, who spreads optimism and can turn anyone into a strong negotiator.
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Marian Fedko

Co-Founder and Former CEO of Grene Poland

During many years of work at GRENE/KRAMP organization, Emilia has become an experienced colleague. She excelled in managing relationships with employees at all levels of the organization as well as with clients. She performed exceptionally well in situations requiring individual effort as well as in team work. Emilia possesses strong interpersonal skills - she easily establishes connections. Moreover, her high personal culture, as well as her personality, had a significant impact on the positive atmosphere in the teams she worked with. She was a reliable and diligent worker, and later a Manager with a positive attitude towards work and life, whom one could rely on. She is a person with a positive attitude, great positive energy, always highly committed, professional, and responsible for what she does. She was one of the key persons in creating positive international relations and managed international projects in an international environment with great success.

Urszula Światłowska

Team Lead/Event manager

I had the opportunity to work with Emilia on an educational project. Working with Emilia is a pure pleasure. Emilia is extremely professional, creative, and has a vast knowledge and experience. Emilia is also distinguished by her phenomenal approach to students - not only can she convey knowledge in an accessible way, but also - thanks to her openness and exceptional soft skills - she becomes a true mentor for students and colleagues.

Marzena Jurewicz

Komuda MJK

I had the pleasure of collaborating with Emilia on a joint project. She is a wonderful person with a lovely personality. Energetic and professional. Always willing to help and talk. She responds quickly to all interactions. She conveys knowledge in a very open and accessible manner. I recommend cooperation with Emilia to everyone 🙂
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Harrie Molen van der

Quality, Environment, Health & Safety coördinator

I enjoyed working with Emilia in transferring the processing of purchase invoices from the Netherlands to Poland. she's very skilful and serious in her work. It was nice working with her.

Ron Verheij

Solution Developer - OutSystems

I have created puchase invoice application for Kramp. Emilia described exactly what the application should do. I enjoyed working together with her. she is a kind and profesional teamplayer.

Maik ten Eikelder

Business Analyst

It was a pleasure of working with Emilia during the development and implementation of a new system to optimise administrative business processes within Kramp. During this project I learned that Emilia is a positive person with a strong ownership and driving for results. She is energetic, has great people skills and capable of forming a close team and leading it. She is highly motivated, has great communication skills and can get my full recommendation.
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