If you are interested in developing your skills in negotiations, international negotiations and cooperation, sales, team communication, team management, as well as persuasive language and influence, you have come to the right place. I offer high-quality business training conducted in both Polish and English.


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Jesteś zainteresowany rozwinięciem swoich umiejętności w dziedzinie negocjacji, negocjacji i współprac międzynarodowych, sprzedaży, komunikacji zespołowej, zarządzania zespołem oraz języka perswazji i wpływu, trafiłeś we właściwe miejsce. Oferuję wysokiej jakości szkolenia biznesowe, prowadzone zarówno w języku polskim, jak i angielskim.


Why it's worth it?

International experience

I have extensive experience in negotiations on the international stage. I have worked with various cultures, industries, and complex negotiation situations in Europe, Asia, America, Canada, Australia, and Africa. My acquired skills allow me to understand the specifics of negotiations in different contexts.

Personalized approach

I understand that every company has its unique goals and negotiation challenges. Therefore, I tailor my services to the individual needs of the client. I work with you to identify key areas for improvement and develop a strategy that maximizes your chances of success in negotiations.

Effective negotiation techniques

I have a wide range of effective negotiation techniques that will help you achieve better results. From diplomatic negotiations to business negotiations, my knowledge and skills will help you outperform the competition and reach agreements that benefit your company.

Building negotiation strategies and scenarios

I help companies develop coherent negotiation strategies that take into account their goals, interests, and limitations. I also create various negotiation scenarios that allow preparation for different situations and flexible responses to changing conditions.

Business training

Whether your company needs training for management, sales teams, or the entire organization, I offer high-quality training programs tailored to your needs. My experience as a trainer will help develop the negotiation skills of your team, contributing to increased efficiency and achieving better results.


Emilia Sędziak

According to Talent Dynamics,


I am a Deal Maker type.


I am a born negotiator, which allows me to negotiate naturally and passionately.


I easily achieve my goals because during meetings, my Gallup talents of Achievement and Focus are also activated, guiding me towards my set objectives and showing me exactly what to focus on at any given moment.


During my corporate career, I successfully negotiated both in Poland and abroad.


Negotiator for hire.


I realize that for many people, negotiations seem like an insurmountable barrier, yet they want to grow their businesses, achieve high goals, and avoid unnecessary costs. They don’t want to risk signing unfavorable contracts that could even lead to bankruptcy. I negotiate contracts, agreements, and commissions on behalf of my clients.


Over 10 years of experience in international business.


I centralized business processes and created Shared Services Centers (SSCs). I optimized processes and developed new procedures.


For over 3 years, I managed a newly formed Change Management team, experiencing every aspect, no matter how small, as I went through mergers, corporate rebranding, and structural changes. For the past 3 years, I’ve been an entrepreneur. I know what it means to run a company and what negotiation situations entrepreneurs face in their businesses. My clients are companies and businesspeople whom I train and assist in achieving their goals. I conduct online courses, live online and offline in Poland and other countries. I write books and e-books on business topics. I assist in international recruitment. I teach business subjects in the “Foreign Languages in Media and Business” program. I assist in international communication. I hold the position of Project Coordination Director at the Entrepreneurship Project Institute.