How to talk to a manipulator?

Dealing with a manipulator can be difficult and challenging, but there are certain steps you can take to handle the situation effectively.

  1. Recognize manipulation: Manipulators often use their intelligence and charisma to deceive you and prompt you to take actions you don’t want to. It’s important to learn to recognize manipulation so you can respond appropriately.
  1. Stay calm and in control: Manipulators often try to evoke strong emotions in their victims to achieve their goals. It’s important to stay calm and in control of your emotions so you can make rational decisions.
    • Use facts and logical arguments: Manipulators often base their actions on false beliefs and improper assumptions. 
    • Use facts and logical arguments to show the manipulator that their beliefs are incorrect.
  1. Set boundaries: Manipulators often try to cross other people’s boundaries and force them to do things they don’t want to. Set boundaries and establish your limits to show the manipulator that you won’t tolerate their manipulation.
  1. Pay attention to your emotions: Manipulators often try to evoke strong emotions in their victims to achieve their goals. Pay attention to your emotions and how the manipulator affects your well-being. If you feel uncomfortable or exploited, tell the manipulator how you feel and be assertive.
  1. Ask questions starting with HOW, manipulators dislike these questions because they have to redirect their manipulation tactics, which is never in their favor.

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